Fiorella Cayo: How many children does the actress have and who are they?

A ‘chocha’ mom. A month ago the Peruvian actress Fiorella Cayo returned to television with her son Facundo Oliva in the program ‘My mother cooks better than yours’, after having participated at the beginning of the year in the television series ‘Back to the neighborhood’.

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Through their social networks, the national artist shows how well she is doing in love with her husband Miguel Labarthe, she also shows how proud she is of her children and how talented they are. It should be noted that before marrying her current husband, she had a relationship with Edgardo Oliva, who is the father of her two children.

Facundo Oliva

Facundo Oliva is the firstborn of Fiorella Cayo and Edgardo Oliva, has been building his artistic career since last year after the release of his cover ‘Ya no más’, but not only does he develop as a singer, he is also passionate about acting and for this reason he participated in the soap opera De vuel al barrio.

The last cover song he published on his YouTube channel is ‘Fuente de Ortiz’, which he performed with the actress and influencer Adriana Campos Salazar. The video already has more than 5 million views and more than 83 thousand ‘likes’.

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Mateo Oliva

Of whom very little is known is Mateo Oliva, the youngest son of Fiorella Cayo. The only thing that was learned about the minor is that he has a Twitch channel, which is very popular among the world of streamers because it is a platform where you can direct video games.

Who is Fiorella Cayo?

Fiorella Cayo Sanguineti Born in Lima on December 25, 1977, she is a Peruvian actress, dancer, singer and businesswoman, who participated at the age of 14 in ‘Looking for the Peruvian Paquita’, hosted by the Brazilian presenter Xuxa. It should be noted that she is the sister of Bárbara Cayo, Stephanie Cayo and Mario “Macs” Cayo.

In 1998 she debuted as a presenter ‘El baúl de la feliz’, but her first role as an actress was in the comedy series ‘Pisco sour’. Although he got his jump to fame with the youth telenovela ‘Torbellino’, which achieved great national and international success.