Fiorella Méndez surprises with a message on her social networks: “I was never respected”

At the end of October, Pedro Loli and Fiorella Méndez announced the end of their relationship after seven years together. The cumbia singer said in the program En boca de todos that the separation has been the best decision for both. Likewise, Méndez made a publication on his social networks where he mentions that he did not feel well and that for years he was tolerant.

Through his Instagram stories, Fiorella left an extensive message indicating that he will fight for the well-being of his little son.

At the beginning of her post, Fiorella Méndez indicated that social networks do not show the reality of things, since they only want to pretend that everything is happiness when things are not that way.

“Sometimes we can pretend that nothing is wrong and that everything is fine, but inside we are bad, sad, not wanting anything. Yes, gentlemen, social networks sometimes lie, “he wrote. “I want to cry with helplessness, I only want the best for my son and I will fight for it. I was tolerant for several years, I kept silent out of respect, but I realized that I was never respected. It’s over, no more ”, added.

The cameras of America today followed Pedro Loli to ask him about Fiorella Méndez, after he finished his presentation with Yolanda Medina in Reinas del show. Given this, he preferred to avoid elaborating on the subject and only managed to say that he is happy and calm.

“I’m not going to talk about that, thank you very much … Right now I’m happy, I can tell you about the program, yes, but about the other, no,” he said.