Fiorella Retiz leaves Aldo Miyashiro behind and is caught with former reality boy, André Castañeda [VIDEO]

Fire! Fiorella Retiz had a career as a reporter on TV, but it was not until her protection with Aldo Miyashiro, kissing her, that she jumped to the fore. However, after this situation they were never seen together again, and now she is caught again with another man: André Castañeda.

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Weeks ago, Love and fire had released images of the communicator with a sailor, but this would not have come to fruition, because now she was seen with the well-known former reality boy, who earned a name for participating in Combat and Welcome in the afternoon.

It was Samuel Suárez’s Instarándula that spread images of Fiorella Retiz along with the ex-combatant, Andre Castaneda, in a well-known nightclub in the north of the country, located in the resort of Máncora, a beach between the cities of Tumbes and Piura.

“Last night the Retiz with André Castañeda in Selina de Máncora”, was the message that the Instachismosa wrote to ‘Samu’, informing about the whereabouts of the journalist. In the video in question you can see them both talking and laughing on the dance floor of the disco, without fear of anyone seeing them together.

What is striking is that this happens just after Aldo Miyashiro and Erika Villalobos returned from a family trip with their children to the US, where it was speculated that they would have resumed their romance, which his still wife denied. emphatically. oops!

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Fiorella Retiz moves away from the scandals after the ampay with Aldo Miyashiro and travels to Colombia

Fiorella Retiz reappeared on the account of Instagram but specifically for the one in Instarandula, where several ‘ratujas’ recognized her and affirmed that she was traveling on the beaches of Colombia. Everything seems to indicate that, after the ampay that she starred in with Aldo Miyashiro, the reporter would have wanted to clear her mind in the turquoise waters of the coffee country.

The retiz apparently he would have tried to get away from the scandals and for that reason he made the radical decision to go on a trip to Colombia with his family. All after having apologized to Erika Villalobos through her social networks for having gotten into her relationship with Aldo Miyashiro.

After being the target of harsh criticism by different people from the shows, Fiorella Retiz she has decided to take a vacation, but she did not run away from the people who re-anned her and have already reported her location.