Fiorella Retiz leaves the past and returns in style: “I was with older people all my life” [VIDEO]

Everything smiles at him. In the last hours a video of TikTok It became viral, as we saw the model Fiorella Retiz more renewed than ever and leaving behind the past that catapulted her to fame. Now with a better face, the blonde is already a public figure and she is invited to a well-known Peruvian podcast.

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Now with a renewed life and a better mood, he commented that he had been through bad times. It turns out that the former TV girl opens up to what would be a fun episode of Refresh Podcast.

When asked if she liked older or younger couples, the former partner of Aldo Miyashirodid not hesitate to tell his truth: “It depends on those of us who want collagen, we also want a sugar,” he said.

“All my life I have been with older people, not older than five years, but twenty years old, I have looked for older people because they understand me,” he applied to everyone’s laughter.

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Fiorella Valdivieso also supports her friend Fiorella Retiz

Another well-known internet character who also promoted this new interview in style is the figure of Fiorella Valdiviesowho is also a known friend of Retiz.

Despite all the hubbub generated by this video of TikTok It is necessary to mention that it was later eliminated, so we observe that the stories on Instagram are what serve us as an advance.