Fiorella Retiz reveals that she is dating a young man 6 years younger than her: “We are getting to know each other”

Since that ampay was broadcast on the Magaly Medina program Fiorella Retiz He became one of the most mediatic characters of the national show business. The reporter was forced to publicly apologize after being caught kissing Aldo Miyashiro despite the fact that he is married to Erika Villalobos.

After that, the journalist completely distanced herself from the media and television, until the load that weighed on her passed. In recent weeks, the former member of “La Banda del Chino” reappeared little by little in virtual programs, encouraging herself to tell unknown details of her private life.

Likewise, Fiorella Retiz was caught in recent weeks dancing quite lovingly with a young sailor. Well, the reporter herself confirmed this version and assured that she has started dating this young man, who is also six years younger than her.

“I have started dating a boy, you could say, but six years younger than me. There are some things that you feel, that you say ‘no, this shouldn’t happen’, but they are people who are growing and in process. We are getting to know each other,” she indicated on Holly TV.

In the same interview, Fiorella Retiz also assures that, despite the strong criticism that rained down on her at the time, she is working to find a long, lasting relationship that is not just a ‘bacilón’.

“For one to start a relationship, already at the age of 30, it’s like… it’s not so much adventurous and vacilón, but it’s a little more of ‘let’s focus to see if this can work and build something Nice that it lasts a long time,'” he added.