Fiorella Retiz wakes up in tremendous spree and launches hint: “It’s still mine, I’m still yours”

reappear. the tv host Aldo Miyashiro he looks much calmer, after he hinted that he could reconcile with his wife Érika Villalobos after her ampay with Fiorella Retiz. Now the ex-reporter of the Chinese Band days later he looked happy enjoying his bachelorhood in a tremendous spree. What happened?

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The popular “Chino” praised the mother of his children and pointed out that their return as a couple does not depend on him, implying that everything is up to her.

“Erika is a wonderful woman, we have things in common and we don’t know (what could happen) (…) then you don’t know, (reconciliation) doesn’t depend on me”, held.

Curiously, Fiorella Retiz has now returned to share stories on her social networks after a long silence when she was caught kissing Aldo Miyashiro, despite being married. And it is that she was shown having fun in a party where it seems that she sent him a hint by singing a song.

“I am the boy that you like, the one that snatches you, the one that kills you”, he interpreted with much feeling.

After this party, she and her friends went to eat chicken broth and there they sang Huellas de Eva Ayllón. “You are still mine. I’m still yours. Because you have impregnated your footprints in me”, they sang at the top of their lungs.

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Fiorella Retiz turns the page with Aldo Miyashiro

It got loose. The former reporter of ‘La Banda del Chino’ Fiorella Retiz reappeared on social networks happier than ever after the ampay who was the protagonist with Aldo Miyashiro, despite being married to the great actress, Érika Villalobos. Now, he came out in the stories of him enjoying life in a well-known nightclub, but alone.

Given this, Retiz did not hesitate to go out and have fun, and chanted a reggaeton ‘Old School’ that said: “I’m going to have a good time, and not think about anything,” reads his stories on the famous social network.

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Fiorella Retiz moves away from the scandals after the ampay with Aldo Miyashiro and travels to Colombia

Fiorella Retiz reappeared on the account of Instagram but specifically for the one in Instarandula, where several ‘ratujas’ recognized her and affirmed that she was traveling on the beaches of Colombia. Everything seems to indicate that, after the ampay that she starred in with Aldo Miyashiro, the reporter would have wanted to clear her mind in the turquoise waters of the coffee country.

The retiz apparently he would have tried to get away from the scandals and for that reason he made the radical decision to go on a trip to Colombia with his family. All after having apologized to Erika Villalobos through her social networks for having gotten into her relationship with Aldo Miyashiro.

After being the target of harsh criticism by different people from the shows, Fiorella Retiz she has decided to take a vacation, but she did not run away from the people who re-anned her and have already reported her location.

The popular

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Fiorella Retiz confesses, and says she is ‘father and mother’ to her son: “To err is human”

Sincerely, Fiorella Retiz did not hesitate to reappear on social networks along with an emotional publication to congratulate herself on Father’s Day, indicating that she has been working hard to give her little son the best and so that he never lacks for anything. This was what she told her.

“What I can promise is that you will never lack love, my affection is so great that I will lack lives to show it to you. I love you son, you are the only thing that makes me smile in this life. Let’s continue hand in hand growing and learning to be better people To err is human, to forgive is divine and to rectify is wise”, added Retiz.

Fiorela Retiz congratulates herself on Father's Day.

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Fiorella Retiz furious with owner of Willax and Love and fire: “Psychological violence, mockery, contempt”

the journalist Fiorella Retizwho is still in the public eye after his ampay with Aldo Miyashiro in the department of oscar dthe Portal, He did not hesitate to use his social networks to attack again ‘Love and fire’, for continuing to seek communication with her and exposing her address, in addition to publicly denouncing the ‘harassment’ she has been suffering from them in her daily life.

Let us remember that a few days ago, the former reporter for ‘La Banda del Chino’ expressed her discomfort with Willax’s program after suffering a robbery, and accused them of ‘discriminating against’ her after being caught on public transport. For this reason, this June 27, after seeing that ‘Amor y fuego’ continued to mention her, she did not hesitate to respond.

The popular

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Who is Fiorella Retiz, former reporter for Aldo Miyashiro?

Not much is known about the reporter, it is only known that Fiorella Retiz studied her career at the Jaime Bausate y Meza University specializing in journalism and that she would currently be 29 years old. She worked with the actor Aldo Miyashiro on the program “La banda del Chino”, but when he left it he would have given her a job as a correspondent on his soccer team. Eleven Machos FC and Superliga F7.

Long before it was known whether or not she was the one accused of being the apple of discord, the journalist immediately deactivated the comments on her social networks, generating suspicion among the media and the fans, who immediately understood that she was the protagonist of the Ampay with the ‘Chinese‘. In addition, when checking if it is still in Instagram We discovered that the driver did not do it, despite the fact that he was her direct boss, but he did follow her. In addition, in his stories you could see images of Miyashiro with his sports club.

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Karen Dejo on Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal: “Labor sanctions should be the same as for women”

In an exclusive interview with Diario El Popular, Karen Dejo He went without problems to his former work house, América Televisión, and asked them to act without looking at gender or job positions. In his opinion, the channel should be consistent with its sanction against Aldo Miyashiro and Óscar del Portal, as happened with Melissa Paredes, who was fired.

“Yes, I believe that both men and women should be judged in the same way, and I believe that equal labor sanctions should be taken, both for men and women. If she is a reporter, does she have more or less sanctions than him because he is a producer? fault is fault, and the sanction must be the same for everyone, that is being fair,” he said.

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Aldo Miyashiro flatters Érika Villalobos: “She is an actress that I admire and respect on stage”

Aldo Miyashiro, after the separation with Érika Villalobos, said that he is undergoing therapy. “It hurts me to be here, I have hurt the people I love, but life has to go on,” said the actor and driver who returned to the fields with Eleven machos.

In addition, he complimented his wife. “We have a good relationship as parents (…) I have apologized to everyone, we have constant communication for my children (…) she is a great actress that I admire and respect on stage,” she concluded.