Fiorella Retiz would have a new heartthrob: “Love and fire” related her to a young sailor [VIDEO]

Are you in love? Fiorella Retiz would have decided to continue with her life and give herself a new opportunity in love, this after the controversial ampay that she starred in with Aldo Miyashiro in the apartment of Óscar del Portal. After being in the public eye, the former “Chino” reporter was captured with a young man, who would be her new partner. Who is it about?

YOU CAN SEE: Fiorella Retiz has a lot of fun, throws indirect?: “It’s still mine, I’m still yours”

This August 1, “love and fire” shared images of Fiorella Retiz with Diego Celiza young sailor who is called “Dagoo98” on social networks. “La Retiz has already begun to show signs of how well she is having a time away from Miyashiro (…) He would be the new heartthrob, sailor, the new outgoing de la Retiz, Diego Celiz”, said Rodrigo González at first when he saw that the journalist had already turned the page.

Likewise, Gigi Miter’s partner did not hesitate to troll Retiz and question whether the young man, who apparently would be his new partner, would have another romantic relationship. “She does not care much about that, I hope she is single, but the woman who communicates (…) we are here to help you”, sentenced “Peluchín”.

On the other hand, Aldo Miyashiro was captured at the Jorge Chávez International Airport with the mother of his children, Erika Villalobos, with whom he enjoyed a family trip to the United States.

YOU CAN SEE: Fiorella Retiz turns the page with Aldo Miyashiro: “I’m going to have a good time, and not think about anything” [VIDEO]

Fiorella Retiz moves away from the scandals after the ampay with Aldo Miyashiro and travels to Colombia

Fiorella Retiz reappeared on the account of Instagram but specifically for the one in Instarandula, where several ‘ratujas’ recognized her and affirmed that she was traveling on the beaches of Colombia. Everything seems to indicate that, after the ampay that she starred in with Aldo Miyashiro, the reporter would have wanted to clear her mind in the turquoise waters of the coffee country.

La Retiz apparently would have tried to get away from the scandals and for this reason he made the radical decision to go on a trip to Colombia with his family. She all after having apologized to Erika Villalobos through her social networks for having gotten into her relationship with Aldo Miyashiro.

After being the target of harsh criticism by different people from the shows, Fiorella Retiz has decided to take a vacation, but she did not escape from the people who recognized her and have already reported her location.