First season of “Divinísimas” arrives in the DR on February 12

With content suitable for the whole family, the television program divine It arrives with its first season in the Dominican Republic this February 12, with 12 chapters that will give the audience something to talk about.

Produced by Daniel Ferrer and Hugo Devana, the program will be broadcast on Sundays on Telesistema (channel 11) from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and will bring together Mexican actresses, presenters, and singers Ninel Conde, “La irreverencia,” Laura Flores, “The Maturity”; the Venezuelan-American actress and presenter Scarlet Ortiz, “La coherencia”, and the Dominican-Puerto Rican speaker and businesswoman Gigi Núñez, “La cotidianidad”.

“What enriches the human being the most is traveling and being able to share and understand different cultures or ways of seeing things. The Dominican Republic is a great country with a rich culture and wonderful people just like Mexico and Venezuela. That is why the combination of these four hosts was the best for the Show”, highlighted Devana

Addressing different dynamics and themes, the show will address issues of infidelity, spite, maintaining a partner, mothers-in-law, online dating, exes, among others, also trying to leave a message for all viewers. It should be noted that Divinísima is currently being broadcast in more than seven countries; It was recorded in high resolution in Miami and in the Mediaapro studios, the most important in South Florida.

The production highlighted that it is working on the pre-producing of the second season, the producers anticipate that there is the possibility of making a local Dominican version, since Hispano Medio is opening offices in the Dominican Republic and seeks to invest in national talent.

It should be noted that both Ferrer and Devana have extensive experience in the audiovisual media, the former, through Hispano Medio, an artist representation company and producer, has more than 100 top-level talents, and the latter with credits such as Masterchef, 12 Hearts, Hay Corazones, Who Dances Better, Case Closed, Leading Roles, among others.