Fishermen free a half-ton turtle that got caught in a fishing net

A group of fishermen fought valiantly last week to rescue a huge leatherback or seven-edged turtle that ended up trapped in a fishing net. They found the animal while sailing through the southern bay of the Bengal region (India).

According to the fishermen, freeing the chelonian fin took about two hours Since the size of that turtle, which can weigh more than 600 kilos and exceed two meters in length, made rescue work complicated, the India Today portal picked up.

The spontaneous rescuers also affirmed that they knew the importance of the seven-edged turtle for marine ecosystems, so they made the decision not to cut off its limb, as is traditionally done, since there were high probabilities that it would not survive.

The seamen had undergone programs organized by the Tree Foundation, an NGO that works for the protection of turtles, which advises fishermen not to cut the fins as a normal practice, but to help the animal to free, since that plays a very important role in the ocean ecosystem.

On the coast of the state of Tamil Nadu, the olive ridley turtles have nesting areas, while leatherback turtles They nest in the Andaman Islands, making it a rare sighting off the state coast.

The leatherback turtle with its scientific name Dermochelys coriacea it is the only remaining species of the genus. In addition, it is the largest of the turtle species and is currently in danger of extinction.