Flavia Laos after spending New Years with Austin Palao: “I had a lot of fun” [VIDEO]

Fire! Flavia Laos is on everyone’s lips due to the rumors that link her to Austin Palao because to the surprise of many, they both spent New Years together, and now she has broken her silence.

Through their social networks, the model told her followers what her cabals were to receive 2022 with the reality boy, and gave details of the celebration.

Flavia Laos surprised with his words, because he hinted that he had a great time with Austin Palao. “I received 2022 with an unusual plan, I had a lot of fun and I used my yellow pants, hehe,” he said.

Likewise, the ex-partner of Patricio Parodi recalled the large number of trips he made to Miami, USA in 2021 to explain why he decided to stay in Peru and not celebrate in another country.

“I have traveled so much in 2021 that I really wanted a little ‘break’. I was lazy packing my bags and taking a plane, like never before. That’s super rare for me, but that’s how it was, “he said.

How do you know Flavia Laos He has the habit of constantly traveling, not only for pleasure but for work as well, and a few months ago he even had a role in a Daddy Yankee video clip.

Flavia Laos is harshly criticized for throwing a rocket near a puppy

Recall that Instarándula managed by Samuel Suárez shared a clip of Flavia Laos, which she would have deleted due to the strong criticism for animal abuse during the New Year, and that is that she harmed a puppy.

“This video Flavia eliminated at hours due to criticism by throwing a firecracker near a puppy,” the entertainment journalist wrote about it.