Flavia Laos after the comparison that her father made between Patricio and Austin: “I would have taken the microphone away”

The actress Flavia Laos opened the doors of her home for the program “Estás en todas”, broadcast by the América TV signal. At one point in the interview, the reporter in charge of the note asked the former reality girl what she thought about what her father, Mario Laos, had mentioned, which immediately generated controversy. Let’s remember that the parent of the influencer also made a curious comparison between her daughter’s ex-partner, patrick parody and the young woman’s current boyfriend, Austin Palao.

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What did Flavia Laos’s father say about Patricio Parodi and Austin Palao?

Mario Laos, father of Flavia Laos, was interviewed by the “Love and Fire” program a few weeks ago. In this sense, the influencer’s father was asked how he saw the relationship that her daughter had with the model, Austin Palao.

“Have you given the go-ahead to Austin yet?” asked the reporter. “Totally, since I met him. We understood each other very well from the beginning. He is a very good person. I am very happy for Flavia because she has found the right person ”, said Mario Laos on that occasion.

On the other hand, the father of Flavia Laos He was also encouraged to talk about his relationship with his daughter’s ex-partner, Patricio Parodi.

“He isolated himself a little bit. I love talking to young people because it gives me energy. But I did not achieve that with Patricio. On the other hand, with Austin it was like I told you like a click. That did not happen with Patricio, the relationship was a little more hermetic ”, finished Laos.

Mario Laos, father of Flavia Laos, revealed that he gets along better with Austin Palao than with his daughter’s old boyfriend, Patricio Parodi. Photo: Willax TV capture

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Flavia Laos refers to her father’s controversial statements

The reporter of “You are in all” asked Flavia Laos about the comment made by his father, Mario Laos regarding Patricio Parodi and Austin Palao.

In this regard, the model also pointed out that although she was amazed at what her father mentioned, she respected his opinion. “I didn’t know, otherwise I would have taken the microphone away. He surprised me, I did not know that he had declared, but, in the end, if he got along with Austin from the beginning he clicked faster, normal ”he pointed Laos.

Given this, the young woman was asked if she noticed that patrick parody he wasn’t very close to his family when they were in a relationship. “No, it’s that they didn’t talk that much, they didn’t see each other that much, they didn’t go to my house that much, instead Austin did spend all the time with them,” pointed out the also actress.