Flavia Laos and Jay Alvarrez are inseparable: They were captured at a romantic lunch in Cusco

They don’t stop showing off together! Flavia Laos is in Cusco, and for a few days she has been enjoying a romantic trip with Jay Alvarrez after they were both lovingly protected at the Jorge Chávez airport. Since then, they have become inseparable, and this time they were caught together again.

YOU CAN SEE: Flavia Laos surprises by showing how her bed was on a trip with Jay Alvarrez and he is not far behind

It was Instarandula which showed that the couple is still closer than ever in their days in the imperial city, hours after they shared images of a striking night together that would have ended in the model’s unmade bed, as well as the use of condoms, as evidenced by the influencer .

Today, Thursday, January 13, the Samuel Suárez entertainment platform showed images of Flavia Laos eating next to Jay Alvarrez. They shared a romantic lunch when they were caught by some ‘Instachisms’, as they have been doing in recent days.

“On the other hand, Flavia has been very careful not to show herself in Cusco with Jay Alvarrez, she shows food, bed, spa, etc., but she forgets that she is in a country governed by hairy ratujas, hehe, and we are everywhere. Good! Flavia! “, Was the message of the popular ‘Samu’ about the video in question.

While Flavia Laos has avoided showing up with Jay alvarrez in their social networks, they continue to be protected. She only managed to use the stories from her official account in Instagram to show what she was eating in Cusco, while from afar, someone caught her with her companion. They both looked happier than ever being with each other. Will they already be a couple?

Peluchín trolls Flavia Laos after a trip to Cusco with Jay Alvarrez: “I see you hydrated and you’re doing well”

In this opportunity, Flavia Laos surprised by uploading a photograph of him in his official account of Instagram, where she posed in a bikini next to some flames while in a jacuzzi. She used the description: “Feeding the llamas with a sight.”

Seeing this snapshot, Rodrigo gonzalez He took the opportunity to leave his statement, and through a comment he went cold when trolling the model. “Cielura and our ambassador, how well coconut oil looks good on you! I see you hydrated and you are doing well ”, he told her.