Flavia Laos provides tips to get over your ex and how to know if a guy likes you [FOTOS]

More empowered than ever. Flavia Laos arrived with our entire country and when she was presented in style by the Peruvian press, she did not hesitate at any time to show that Patricio Parodi and Luciana Fuster “died”.

It should be remembered that before the cameras of Amor y Fuego, the blonde model maintained that she choted Pato and Luciana, in addition, that they no longer exist in her life, because as the reality boy It was his ex-partner.

“I cheated on both of them, they don’t exist,” she said, since at first she claimed that the alleged romance between her ex and her friend was a rumor, putting her hands in the fire for those who believed they would give her security.

Now after giving her point of view, Flavia shares in her social networks some advice for his followers who asked him how to get over an ex, where he fearlessly wrote what he thought.

Flavia Laos a true love guru

In another sequence of his Instagram stories, a loyal follower asks him if he knew how a person can tell when a boy cares about you.

Faced with a tremendous question, Laos responded with 8 tips that could help him know if a boy is interested or not, among the tips you can read that Flavia thinks that if she cares about you, she will always take care of you and protect you.