Flavia Laos recounted her reaction during the 5.6 magnitude earthquake: “I have finished on the track without clothes”

Flavia Laos He lived an embarrassing moment during the 5.6 magnitude earthquake registered this morning, January 7. The former reality girl told through social networks that she is very afraid of earthquakes and as a result of her nervousness she ran out of her house into the street without clothes, while her mother followed her to cover her with a blanket.

The influencer revealed that her mother did not know what to do about her reaction. “I ended up on the track without clothes, and my mother covering me, I trembling with my heart in my mouth because I am too afraid of tremors” he expressed amidst laughter.

In addition, the actress told her followers that the strong earthquake scared everyone in the city of Lima. “My God, guys. There has just been a tremor, all of Lima has felt it. I got out of bed and went to the street running literally calata, and my mother chasing me with a blanket: ‘Little daughter, cover yourself.’

Both awoke rumors about a possible romance after spending the New Year together, where they were seen participating in a fun meeting of friends. After the dissemination of the images, Flavia Laos denied the alleged affair with Austin Palao. “I’m super single until I say otherwise. You know that when it is no longer, at some point, I will comment, but so far nothing, “he said.

The influencer has been widely criticized after she appeared in a video lighting a pyrotechnic during the New Year’s celebration 2022. In the small clip, Flavia Laos is seen very scared when she notices that the fire was approaching the explosive and flees in terror from the place. “Here, turning them on, but I’m the first to pull out the tail,” wrote the former reality girl.