Flavia Laos reopens the doors to love: “A love capable of setting the soul free”

Through your account Instagram, Flavia Laos was more different than ever and is that after being asked if I still believed in love, his answer was surprising since he would be looking at this from another perspective, by Austin Palao?

In a question, a user consulted: “Do you think that love is no longer important in these times?”, To which the actress quickly rushed to clarify that it did not have to be that way.

“Yes, I believe in loving with freedom, where both walk together, where no one ties anyone, a love capable of expanding enough to set the soul free,” he wrote in the first place.

He also added: “Some important things are, give yourself space, know how to listen to the other, seek to share the path and be yourself.”

Alejandra Baigorria approves of Flavia with Austin: “I do like her as a sister-in-law”

Alejandra Baigorria and Said Palao were happy to talk about a possible relationship between Austin Palao and Flavia Laos, whom they consider a beautiful and good girl.

“Do you like Flavia as a relative, Said?” Yaco consulted and caused some discomfort and laughter again to what he said: “She is a beautiful girl, she seems to me an excellent person, I would not have any problem, he must choose and I will support him. “

“I do like her as a sister-in-law,” Alejandra added with a huge smile.