Flavia Laos showed off on the beach with Jay Alvarrez before her romantic trip to Cusco [VIDEO]

More together than ever! Flavia Laos is on a romantic trip in Cusco with Jay Alvarrez, and now it has been announced that they have been together in our country for several days.

Despite being captured affectionately at the airport on the way to the Inca citadel by Amor y fuego, it was Instarandula who shared images of influencers walking near the sea, and then at a party.

“That’s how it all started. A few days ago, the little mice noticed a visit to Flavia’s beach, friends and the foreign influencer, but we had the little making-off photo that Flavia didn’t show. Jay Alvarrez and FLavia in a rich dip” Samuel Suarez said.

“Of course, the photo of the stain was going to leak hours later, hehe, now Flavia and Jay enjoy Machu Picchu,” added the creator of Instarándula about the photographs.

In the images released, Flavia Laos Y Jay alvarrez They are shown with Thaiss Felman, Andrés Wiese’s ex-partner, as well as Daniela Sanguinetti, who would be one of the girl’s best friends.

Let us remember that for her part, she was also linked to Austin Palao after spending the New Year with him, and generated controversial comments from Brunella Horna, for which she came out to say that she was single. It was not true?

Jay Alvarrez after his trip to Peru with Flavia Laos: “I never imagined it would end here”

In their stories, Jay alvarrez He surprised his followers by showing himself from Lima, Peru, despite the fact that only a few days ago he had been in Hawaii, USA, and shared a video.

The American published images of the Peruvian coastline on his platform, and dedicated a striking message after being supported with Flavia Laos. “I never imagined it would end here,” he said.