Flavia Laos throws Austin Palao down and denies romance: “I’m super single” [VIDEO]

Do not tell him! Flavia Laos is on everyone’s lips as she is linked to Austin Palao as they were both surprising when they spent the New Year together, but now she decided to put the patch on.

In her social networks, the model spoke about how she received the end of the year with the reality boy and gave details of her cabals for this 2022. However, she also referred to her personal life.

Although many already took for granted that Flavia Laos Y Austin palao they would be flirting, because even Alejandra Baigorria spoke out by saying that she would be “a good sister-in-law”, not everything would be rosy.

The young woman responded to the questions of her followers after spending December 31 with Austin palao, and surprised to ensure that he currently had no partner, denying any approach with him.

“I’m super single until I say otherwise. You know that when it is gone, at some point, I am going to comment on it, but so far nothing, “he said in the stories on his official Instagram account.

As is known, the presumed relationship of Flavia Laos Y Austin palao She had been talking because she is the ex-partner of Patricio Parodi, and he is Luciana Fuster, who were protected in Paracas a few months ago and would be in a relationship.

Flavia Laos is harshly criticized for throwing a rocket near a puppy

Recall that Instarándula managed by Samuel Suárez shared a clip of Flavia Laos, which she would have deleted due to the strong criticism for animal abuse during the New Year, and that is that she harmed a puppy.

“This video Flavia eliminated at hours due to criticism by throwing a firecracker near a puppy,” the entertainment journalist wrote about it.