Flor Polo and Luiggi Yarasca: Who is she and how did she meet the businessman who fell in love with her after her divorce with Néstor Villanueva?

Flor Polo is going through personal problems with her ex-husband Néstor Villanueva because the businesswoman recently denounced the singer for alleged physical and psychological abuse to the detriment of her and her two minor children, in addition the singer was accused of not complying with the agreed support.

However, the daughter of susy diaz generated great controversy by omitting the paternal surname of his children on Instagram. This happened when the businesswoman made a musical collage with Shakira’s new song “Acrostic”, in which she appears with her minor children.

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After the love break with Néstor, did Florcita manage to find the love of her life? In the following lines we tell you.

Flor Polo and Néstor Villanueva end their love story

After 12 years of marriage and two children, the love between Florcita Polo and Nestor Villanueva It came to an end, because the cumbiambero pointed out that his relationship with the daughter of the former congresswoman had not been going well for a long time, because they only dedicated themselves to work and no longer had a relationship.

It should be noted that, long ago little flower accused nestor to have been with the singer July Rodriguez. This scandal did not go unnoticed, as Flor immediately threw his ex-husband’s things out the window of the apartment they shared.

Florcita was also accused of being unfaithful to Nestor Villanueva when doubting the singer’s paternity, ensure that he had an affair with his neighbor. After that, Flor tried to change her version, but everything was already said.

Flor Polo is ‘warm’ to her partner Luiggi

Today Florcita has learned from her mistakes and what she is looking for in a new partner is that they give her confidence, security and that they understand the jobs she currently has.

I look for him to give me confidence, security and above all that he understands my work. Also that he supports me, that he is a person who contributes and motivates me to move forward, ”he explained to the newspaper El Trome.

Given this, Florcita confessed at the beginning that she distrusted love, because she was afraid of going through the mistakes of the past.

At first I was afraid of falling in love again, but I understood that not all (men) are the same. I am going through a beautiful stage in my life, ”she assured.

Likewise, the businesswoman maintained that she is happy to have met Luiggi Yarasca, her current partner.

“God sent me a wonderful man into my life (Luiggi Yarasca) and I’m happy, I can’t hide it. Also, you’ve already seen the pictures and I’m not going to say I’m single when I’m not. I’m happy,” said Susy’s daughter.

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Who is Luiggi Yarasca and how did he meet Flor Polo?

Florcita gave love a chance and is going through one of the most beautiful stages of her life. Luiggi Yarascais the name of Flor Polo’s boyfriend, and he is a 33-year-old businessman.

They both met when Luiggi hired her as a model for an activation he organized and from that moment love arose.

However, the businessman has been detained by the police on several occasions. In 2020 he assaulted and disrespected National Police officers.

In June of the same year, he was arrested again for having illegal substances. Despite this, Florcita defends her partner and assures that she knows everything that has happened.