Flor Polo: How much did Susy Díaz’s daughter earn for a hot video clip with cumbiambero? singer confesses

Focused on new challenges! Florcita Polo has been the protagonist of a hot video clip with the cumbia group “tasty cumbia”, where we can see the daughter of susy diaz in tiny garments and compromising scenes.

In view of this, the programamerica today” revealed how much Flor Polo charged for this new project. Do you want to know? In the following lines we tell you.

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Florcita surprises in a new video clip

The leading role that Florcita obtained was a woman focused on her family, but she suffers a love deceit, so she discovers her partner in conversations with her lover and cries when reading the messages and then leaves.

On the other hand, the person in charge of giving all the details about the performance of flower pole She was the member of Sue from “Sabrosa de la cumbia”, in which she recounted that the ex-congresswoman’s daughter had a hard time ‘letting go’ during each scene.

“Honestly, Flor, yes, very professional. She gave him a little bit of roche for the subject that he was in the jacuzzi. He did not want to take off his bathing clothes much, He was embarrassed, but why, very sexy and sensual“, revealed.

How much did Flor Polo earn for the video clip?

little flower used two changes of wardrobe including the bubblegum-colored bikini for the jacuzzi and the bed with the musical impresario Karlos Terrorswho had words of praise for her “great friend.”

“The scenes were strong, you have seen in the video in the jacuzzi, in bed. All the work is super professional and has been quite dedicated to the people, ”she maintained.

Is Flor too expensive for a video clip? Asks the reporter to which the member of the group indicated the exact amount for the images. “1000 dollars (charged), only for the video clip”, he concluded.

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Who is Luiggi Yarasca the new love of Flor Polo?

Florcita has revealed that she is “temperate” and is going through one of the most beautiful stages of her life. Luiggi Yarascais a 33-year-old businessman and is the new partner of Pole flower.

I look for him to give me confidence, security and above all that he understands my work. Also that he supports me, that he is a person who contributes and motivates me to move forward, ”he explained to the newspaper El Trome.

They both met when Luiggi hired her as a model for an activation he organized, however, Florcita’s boyfriend has been detained by the police on several occasions. In 2020, she attacked and disrespected National Police officers.

In June of the same year, he was arrested again for having illegal substances. Despite this, Florcita defends her partner and assures that she knows everything that has happened.