Flor Polo no longer wants to talk about Nestor: “I am focused on my work and my children”

Flower Polo She continues to be estranged from Néstor Villanueva and, for the moment, prefers to know absolutely nothing about the singer. During an interview offered this Thursday, January 6, the young woman assured that she is now only dedicated to her children and the work projects that she has scheduled for this 2022, so she avoided going into details about her sentimental situation.

“I always put my prayers (on social networks), not only because of what I am going through, but also because of what many people are going through (…) Right now I am calm, focused on my work, my children to continue growing as a woman, to get rid of the dirt for my children and to continue moving forward as it should be ”, she said.

“I am calm, I have received the New Year with the right foot (…) In reality I do not think anything about it (…) I do not think about other issues (…) I have not known anything (about Nestor ) ”, Added Florcita Polo.

In this way, it indicates that he is still going through a severe crisis in his marriage with Néstor Villanueva, who is the father of his two children.

Given the speculation about his marriage, Néstor Villanueva referred to his estrangement from Florcita Polo during an interview with a local newspaper.

“What happens is that having a family or a relationship is a bit complicated, who has not suddenly had problems, inconveniences at home,” the singer explained to Trome.

Upon learning of the situation that one of the most stable couples in the Peruvian show business is going through, Jazmín Pinedo said she hopes for a reconciliation between Flor Polo and Néstor Villanueva.

“Hopefully they can fix it. Sometimes couples go through good times and bad. In other words, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the end point, “he said.