Florcita about her mother Susy Díaz: “Although it may not seem like it, she is very intelligent” [VIDEO]

Susy Díaz, who is going to have a movie that recounts different events of her life, as well as a miniseries, received praise from her daughter Florcita, who appeared in the show magazine ‘You are in all’, this weekend.

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flower pole is proud of her mother and told a reporter from ‘America Television’ that makes him excited that he returns to politics as in the 90s, when he served as a congressman of the Republic.

“It has so many things to tell, imagine, Susy Díaz’s film. I am going to be the first to be there and applaud my mother because, really, so many things have happened and she has continued to move forward, she teaches me to keep moving forward every day ”, she also mentioned about her mother .

Behind this, little flower She felt proud of her mother for having so many projects in the future and indicated that Susy Díaz is a “very intelligent” woman: “Although it may not seem like it, my mother is very intelligent.”

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Florcita says that she would like to be with someone younger

In the program ‘On everyone’s lips’, the smug Susan Diaz revealed that in this new stage of his life he would like to be with someone younger, because he believes that older people are bitter.

“I’m 36,” the public figure initially said. Then she told in front of cameras: “I like minors, I don’t want so much above forty.” In the end, she confessed at what age she prefers her to be her next partner: “28, 29, 30 around there. Older people are bitter, I don’t like that, it’s boring,” explained the popular Florcita.