Florcita bothered LIVE says she won’t talk about her life and users comment: “Why are you going out?”

She spoke first. In a recent Florcita Polo live broadcast exclusively with El Popular, the businesswoman came out with everything stating that her current focus is her and her children, without imagining the reaction of netizens.

“Talk to me about myself, about the things that I’m doing, about other issues, I don’t think to give an opinion, I don’t think to give an opinion and actually I haven’t seen, I don’t know, I’m focused on other things, since I arrived I haven’t stopped,” she said when she responded seriously to the press woman.

“There is Flor, moving forward, someone who little by little began to grow,” she added, asking that she focus on her person, because from the ampay of her husband Néstor Villanueva, the conceited Susy Diaz maintains silence.

Florcita Polo assures that she is focused on herself and her children

With a disconcerted face, Florcita remained serene and assured that her current focus is her family, so there would be no doubt whether or not she is aware of her children.

“I always maintain communication with my children, they know that I love them, I always call them, they are there,” he added and then continued asking that their privacy not be questioned.

“I’m not going to talk about my private life, talk to me about myself, my projects, the things I’m doing, my private life, I prefer to leave it there,” he said.

Florcita Polo: users question her

Seeing this short but serious live broadcast, netizens did not hesitate to ask Florcita about this situation, as they believe her actions are questionable.

“What are you going out for?” Wrote one user, while another added the following: “That Florcita, it seems that when her money runs out, she has a new ampay”, referring to the fact that she was the one who exposed the subject of her marriage in a live program.