Florcita happy for Susy Díaz’s film and tells her to return to politics: “People support you” [VIDEO]

Businesswoman Florcita Polo is proud of her mother Susy Díaz’s biographical film and has no doubts about its success. As is known, the woman with crimson lips surprised her audience with the preparation of her biographical tape, which already has a recording date. Given this, the popular Florcita expressed her emotion and pride in front of the cameras of ‘You are in all’.

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“I wish success to my mother, who is wonderful, exemplary and, in truth, works hard. That is why her daughter is also very ‘chambona,'” she said initially for the cameras of You are in all

“It has so many things to tell. Imagine Susy Díaz’s movie. Really, I’m going to be the first to be there and I applaud my mother because so many things have happened and she has continued to move forward and she teaches me every day”, he added.

On the other hand, the young businesswoman He sent a message to Susy, asking her to return to Congress: “I would like to, I know that there are many people who support her and I would like my mother to be a congressman again. In any case, mother, you do (…) She has a lot of support and I know that she would enter because she helped people in need a lot. She gave away her first salary and made many bills that were approved, “he concluded.

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Néstor Villanueva denies having been jealous with Florcita after a kiss in a video clip: “I never prevented anyone’s work”

It all happened in the last edition of America Today, this Wednesday, August 24. The cumbiambero arrived on the set of the América TV program as a brand new pull, and did not expect to be presented with tremendous adjectives remembering that he would have taken his feet off the plate, for this he starred in a striking moment with Brunella Horna.

However, this did not stop there, because later Nestor Villanueva was questioned about his ex-partner, little flower poleWell, at the time she accused him of being jealous when she kissed a singer for a video clip, and he was upset with everything.