Florcita ignores Magaly Medina’s warning and supports her partner despite complaints: “I know how things went”

The popular influencer Florcita Polo is in the middle of the eye of the storm after the police record of her new partner was exposed Luiggi Yarasca. For her part, the public figure had an unexpected reaction to the reporter who questioned her about the delicate accusations that her boyfriend has.

Also, the daughter of Susy Diaz received thousands of reactions after the show program Magaly TV The Firm He assured that his partner would have defrauded everyone by saying that he is a businessman, but it would be a lie since he does not have any property in his name.

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Now, Florcita Polo appeared at an important event where she was working as the image of a brand and as far as El Popular went to comment on this controversy. Once again, the textile businesswoman defended her sentimental partner tooth and nail Luiggi Yarasca.

“That they have revealed (their complaints not) because I know how things are, therefore, I fully trust him. I know how things went and nothing. I am happy, calm and I move on,” said the daughter at first of Suzy Diaz.

“Of course, yes, I know him very much and I know many things that I don’t have to tell, I prefer to leave things there,” he said at the beginning. Later the cheerleader would have sent a message to Magaly Medinz: “They would have to inform themselves better because I know how things have been,” she attacked.

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Why did Magaly Medina warn Florcita about her new partner?

The television host Magaly Medina He decided to use the cameras of his program to warn Florcita about her new partner after exposing the police record of the alleged businessman with whom he began a relationship.

“The person fell in love with Flor, not the Flower the artist, oh yeah Better little flower, Since we love to prick balloons, we better tell you here, to see if you understand something, because later we don’t want to tell you ‘Flor, we told you, we warned you,'” he said at the beginning.

“Some people tend to continue to attract the same type of man, the same lazy man, who sells himself as if he were a successful businessman, but after an hour they end up discovering that this is not the case,” added the ‘Magpie’.