Florcita Polo excited to return to Lima with her children after not receiving the New Year [VIDEO]

Expected reunion. The Peruvian influencer Florcita Polo had to leave Lima due to work issues and could not spend the New Year with her two little ones, to whom she said goodbye with an emotional message.

But, the wait ended and after finishing her affairs in Tarapoto, the conceited Susy diaz Y Augusto Polo Campos He took a direct flight home: “Heading for the airport … Already on the plane going to Lima,” he wrote at first.

The event presenter was very anxious and happy upon her return to Lima, as not only her mother and her little ones were waiting for her, but also her pet with whom she had an emotional encounter and who did not hesitate to share it with her thousands of fans through their social networks.

“Lima … That’s how my acorn received me,” he wrote Florcita Polo in its Instagram upon your return and reception of your dog. Meanwhile, it is unknown if her children were with Susy Díaz or with her still partner Néstor Villanueva.

Susy Díaz reveals why Florcita and Néstor’s children were separated at Christmas

The ex-vedette Susy Díaz reveals that her grandchildren spent Christmas apart and tells the reasons why they were not together on this special date. He asserted that one of them was with Nestor Villanueva in Chancay.

“Very nice. I spent it with Florcita and my grandson Estéfano, because he is closer to me, and Adrianito was with his father (Néstor) in Chancay,” said the blonde, who avoided giving more details about the relationship between her daughter and the cumbiambero.