Florcita Polo stopped wearing her wedding ring in Pucallpa, did she end up with Néstor Villanueva?

It’s the end? Florcita Polo has been going through marital problems with Néstor Villanueva for a few weeks, and now she has finally made a drastic decision.

Susy Díaz’s daughter went to receive the New Year working in Pucallpa and in a photo session with a local media, he surprised by showing off without the symbol of his union with the cumbiambero, who was protected a few weeks ago with a young minor, who will sue Magaly Medina.

In conversation with that medium, Florcita Polo He avoided commenting on the absence of his ring, and gave details of his work projects, since he stayed a few more days in that city.

“I am focused on working, on getting ahead with my projects, opening more stores to sell my dresses and giving my children my love. Adrianito will soon return to his acting classes and Stefano likes to sing ”, he explained to Trome.

Florcita Polo He would have been quite aware of his children Adriano and Stefano, with whom he spoke on his cell phone and promised that upon his return to Lima they would go for a walk together, as well as telling them that he missed and loved them.

The still wife of Nestor Villanueva She was animating the New Year’s party at the Napolés recess in Pucallpa, and then she also worked in Tokio Resto Bar. Although she had to return to Lima last night, she stayed there because they hired her for two more activations.

Susy Díaz spent Christmas with Florcita without Nestor and trolled him: “Profit with the ampay!”

Susy diaz He confirmed that he spent Christmas with his daughter and grandson Estéfano, without the presence of the Cumbiambero, who was in his land with the eldest of his children, Adriano, and then told an unexpected anecdote.

“Yesterday Adriano called his mother by video call to greet her for Christmas and gave the phone to Nestor’s sister and his mother, and I shouted: Take advantage of the ampay! And they cut the call,” he said.