Florcita reveals that her children are with Nestor: “They know how much I love them” [VIDEO]

They are not with her. The model Florcita Polo revealed that her children would be living with Néstor Villanueva, and although she did not reveal if their relationship had already improved, she made it clear that she is focused on her own issues.

“Nestor in one of his messages by history wrote: ‘Be calm and breathe, the bad days are over’, have those bad days with the family ended?” The El Popular journalist asked the presenter of events.

Before what the conceited of Susy diaz She answered bluntly that she did not want to comment on anything that had to do with her still husband: “On other issues, I do not intend to give an opinion, I have not really seen, I do not know … There is Flor, moving on … No, I have not seen anything for a long time. (Social networks), I am focused on my projects and myself. “

But that was not all because the influencer She mentioned that on the subject of her children, communication would be maintained with Néstor Villanueva and ended up confessing that her children are not living with her, but with their father, showing another fact, since she would not be with him either.

“Yes, I maintain communication with my children, they are there, they know how much I love them and that I love them, and in these days they will come to be with me (…) I do not think about my private life to talk about it,” he said. Florcita Polo.

Florcita multiplies Néstor by zero and assures: “I am focused on continuing to grow and on my children”

Florcita Polo does not give hints of a relationship with Néstor Villanueva. The conceited Susy Díaz reveals she is happy for the success in her work and promises to carry on for her little ones.

“I always put my prayers, not only because of what I am going through or because of what many people are going through … Right now I am calm, focused on my work, on my children, to continue growing as a woman, to get rid of my dirt. children and to continue moving forward as it should be, “he said.

Susy Díaz reveals why Florcita and Néstor’s children were separated at Christmas

The ex-vedette Susy Díaz reveals that her grandchildren spent Christmas apart and tells the reasons why they were not together on this special date. He asserted that one of them was with Nestor Villanueva in Chancay.

“Very nice. I spent it with Florcita and my grandson Estéfano, because he is closer to me, and Adrianito was with his father (Néstor) in Chancay,” said the blonde, who avoided giving more details about the relationship between her daughter and the cumbiambero.