Follow HERE Athletico Paranaense vs. RB Bragantino LIVE: see the final of the South American Cup

Athletico Paranaense vs. RB Bragantino LIVE face off for the grand finale of the South American Cup 2021. The match will be played from 3.00 pm (Peru time) and 5.00 pm (Brazil and Uruguay time) at the Centenario Stadium (Montevideo) with transmission via ESPN DirecTV Sports + and Star Plus. You can follow this and other matches today through the ONLINE coverage of La República Deportes, with minute-by-minute narration, video goals compilation and confirmed line-ups for both clubs.

Athletico Paranaense: Santos, Nico Hernández, Thiago Heleano, Pedro Henrique, Abner, Léo Citadini, Erick, Marcinho, David Terans, Renato Kayzer, Nikao.

RB Bragantino: Cleiton, Edimar, Léo Ortiz, Fabrício Burno, Aderlan, Cuello, Jadsom, Paxedes, Helinho, Ytalo, Artur.

In Peruvian territory, the final Athletico Paranaense vs. RB Bragantino can be followed from 3.00 pm For Uruguay and Brazil, the match will start at 5.00 pm

The decisive day arrived for Athletico Paranaense and RB Bragantino. The match where both Brazilian clubs will decide the new champion of the South American Cup will take place at the historic Centenario Stadium in Montevideo, which will also host the definition of the Copa Libertadores next week.

Furacao is pursuing its second star of the continental tournament after the title won in 2018 against Colombian Junior. To reach this stage again, the red-black box left rivals like Peñarol and LDU on the road. The balance of his performance is 10 wins and two losses, with 21 goals for and seven against.

The red bulls, for their part, are excited about reaching their first international trophy. The white team knew how to beat rivals with greater friction, such as Independiente del Valle and Libertad, with a balance of nine victories, one draw and two defeats. He scored 20 goals and received 11.

Athletico Paranaense and RB Bragantino have met twice this year, the most recent just two weeks ago, with the result of victory for the Paraná team. Bragantino’s last triumph over his rival on duty dates back to 2012, for Serie B in Brazil.

In South America, the channels in charge of televising the Athletico Paranaense vs. RB Bragantino will be ESPN and DirecTV Sports +.

So you don’t miss the final Athletico Paranaense vs. RB Bragantino online, tune into the signals of ESPN Play, DirecTV GO or Star Plus, streaming services that include the televising of this duel in their programming. In case you do not have access to any, you can also stay informed from the free ONLINE coverage of La República Deportes.

The scenario that will host this great definition between Athletico Paranaense vs. RB Bragantino will be the Centennial Stadium of Montevideo, a historic site that has hosted important events such as the World Cup, Copa América, etc.