Followers of ‘Love and Fire’ QUESTION GianMarco’s attitude: “He has to have a little humility” [VIDEO]

Does the public no longer support you? This November 30, ‘Love and fire’ shared the comments of some followers of the program that showed their rejection of the singer and composer GianMarco Zignago, whom they criticized for his way of reacting to a Willax reporter and for his words of “disparagement” towards him and the drivers Rodrigo González and Gigi miter. What did they tell him?

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Through this material, it was possible to appreciate how a reporter from said program did not hesitate to go to the Lima’s center to find out the opinions of Peruvians and was surprised that there were several followers of ‘Amor y fuego’, who did not hesitate to reflect their comments against the Peruvian artist.

“Already lost 30 thousand followers? Suddenly today he loses 30,001″he hesitated Rodrigo Gonzalez prior to sharing the note in his recent show program. As you remember, the musician was harshly criticized on the networks and lost more than 30,000 followers after his behavior with this media outlet.

“What happens is that GianMarco with that attitude, what the great singer was, with that attitude has gone down”, “What’s wrong with his heart”, “Being a public figure I think he should set an example”, “You have to have a little humilityhe is due to us”, “Let him lower his revolutions”, “We are all equal before God”, “Very unfortunate”, were some comments from the viewers.

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Peluchín squared GianMarco after confessing “rage” to him and his program Amor y fuego

A day ago, Rodrigo González questioned the singer and responded to him after his latest statements, where he revealed that he was angry with the “Love and Fire” program, criticizing the driver Peluchín, among other topics. For this reason, Gigi Miter’s partner was sent with everything.

“He doesn’t know me, what does he know, how paranoid, what do I know, we have many topics of conversation before youyou are not the navel of the worldanyway”, sentenced ‘Rodri’ LIVE.