For love or money on Telemundo: relive the incidents of chapter 2 here

For love or for money is the new television bet of the international Spanish-speaking network Telemundo. This reality show, which premiered on November 17, comes as a replacement for the successful program La casa de los celebrities, which is why it has generated great expectations among viewers. The new format hosted by Puerto Rican actor and singer Carlos Ponce brings together eight men and eight women who will live in a paradisiac oasis in the Dominican Republic. Among the list of participants are Peruvians Diego Val and Maricielo Gamarra.

The 16 young singles will have to face demanding and fun challenges in order to find love or an ally to win the grand prize of $ 200,000. Next, we tell you all the information you need to know so as not to miss the next episode of For love or for money.

For love or for money it premiered on the last Wednesday, November 17th through the screens of Telemundo. During the first chapter, the eight men and the eight women shared their love preferences and what they are looking for within the competition. Likewise, the 16 singles faced their first challenge to know the room and the person they spend their first night with.

The singles who participate in Telemundo’s new television bet, Por amor o por pago are the following:

For Love or Money is a competition program produced by the Spanish-language television network, Telemundo. The reality show includes 16 young Latin American singles (eight men and eight women) who will live in a paradisiacal oasis in the Dominican Republic, where they will face a series of challenges as a couple to win the grand prize of $ 200,000.

For love or for money it is broadcast LIVE from Monday to Friday for two hours starting at 7:00 pm (Mexico and Peru time).

The channel in charge of transmitting LIVE AND LIVE the reality show, For love or for money, is Telemundo.

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The Peruvian actor told his fellow reality shows that he did not like the comments made by Lewis in the previous minutes. “His attitude was like (…) I am stronger, I am the greatest, here I won, that this than the other, and he did not look me in the eye,” said Diego Val.

“It is a slap to falsehood,” he added.

After that, Diego Val affirmed the reality boy was unable to look him in the eye and revealed that he was his roommate.

“I do not trust anyone here, here they stab you in the back baby” said the reality girl, to which her partner on the program recommended her to involve feelings with the rest of the participants to get to forge a good ‘team’.