Former champion of the ‘U’ threw a hard dart against Gareca for Valera’s penalty: “I would have kicked Gallese”

The peruvian national team He finished his first FIFA date under the command of Juan Reynoso with a victory and a defeat. The ‘Cabezón’ tested several players and one who stood out fully was Bryan Reyna, who scored a great goal against El Salvador. After the match against the Selecta, a former national champion with Universitario recalled the penalty shootout against Australia and questioned Ricardo Gareca letting Alex Valera kick one of the shots.

The criticism towards the ‘Tiger’ occurred in the last broadcast of the program “Apressure” when he was discussing the penalty that Christian Cueva had kicked.

“Aladino” scored again from 12 steps after several years, which was a topic of conversation for the panelists, including Mauro Cantoro.

At that time, the former soccer player recalled what happened with Alex Valera in the playoff against Australia and pointed out that Gareca should not have sent the striker to a penalty shootout.

“The only thing I would ask Gareca is why he allowed Valera to kick. Even Gallese could have kicked!” Cantor said.

“I don’t understand. Do not come to tell me that the boy had hu***. Zero blames Valera. Being Advíncula, Gallese… He should have gone to kick!”, continuous.

Finally, Cantoro finished his idea by mentioning that Gareca should not have deposited the last four years of work in the selection in the Valera prison. “I can’t believe it,” he mentioned.