Former Dakar Rally champion ran over a Chilean motorcyclist, but did not stop to help him

At dawn on Monday, January 3, the second stage of the 2022 Dakar Rally took place, a day not as rugged as the previous one, although in the middle of which there was an unusual moment when the former champion Giniel de Villiers he ran over the Chilean motorcyclist with his truck Cesar Zumaran and continued on his way without helping him.

In the images captured by the France TV channel, it is observed how the South African driver hits the motorist from behind, who falls to the ground as a result of the blow. De Villiers backs up his vehicle to allow the southerner to rejoin, but at no time does he get out to help him.

After a few seconds, and after receiving the signal from the affected person to continue, the winner of the competition in the 2009 edition continued his march. However, Zumarán later declared that he was not satisfied with the actions of the 47-year-old runner, for which he requested a penalty that the sports juries of the competition determined in five minutes extra to his record.

“It was a stretch with sand and rocks. I was going slowly and I saw the motorcyclist standing on the left side. Since there was a stone in the sand, he threw me towards the pilot and I hit him. I backed up with the car. When the rider stood up and waved, it was a sign to me that he was okay and that he should pass. I passed the bike and didn’t want to stop again, as it was very sandy and I was afraid of getting stuck ”, De Villiers apologized in statements to the press covering the event.

In the second stage of the race taking place in Saudi Arabia, Frenchman Sebastián Loeb won in cars ahead of Naser Al-Attiyah, one of the favorites. In motorcycles the Spanish Joan Barreda prevailed, in quads the victory went to the Argentine Manuel Andújar. In trucks, the Russian Andrey Karginov kept the day.