Former Menudo, René Farrait, excited to be on La Voz Senior: “This program is a blessing” – INTERVIEW

All past times were better, is the message preached by René Farrait, the former member of Menudo and coach of The Senior Voicealthough he knows that urban music is in fashion today, he sticks with ballads and rock in Spanish.

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—It is the first time that you are a coach of a singing format like La Voz Senior.
—Yes, before I came I was preparing my musical tour and I can say that this program is a blessing. Listening to the contestants, they move us with their talent, their history, it is a host of feelings, seeing them sing and fulfilling the dream of being on stage.

—You’re together Eva Ayllón, Daniela Darcourt and Raúl Romero vying for the best voices.
—I did not know them, they are very good human beings. Eva and Daniela have more experience in this type of format and they are guiding me and telling me the mechanics of the space, they are helping me. Together with Raúl they are wonderful, they make me feel good.

—Many of the participants are your fans, they follow you from Menudo.
“That’s right, they are affectionate.” Some approach me, they tell me or their relatives, because we are contemporaries. I am 54 years old and 60-year-olds and above participate in La Voz Senior, we are promotion (laughs). Some are followers of Menudo, his relatives or children, because there are participants in their 80s and 90s, they may not have more time to stand on stage, and they give everything. It is a beautiful program.

—Why hasn’t another group come out with as much attachment as Menudo?
—Because whoever comes out first is always going to hit, that’s how it is. Also, before there was good music, times change, but the good thing is that Menudo will always be remembered, and we will always remember Peru, because they always opened the door for us.

—Today urban music is in force, do you think it is a fashion?
—They have taken over the music market, but there is always room for everyone, I respect everyone, if they like people, let them consume it. Personally, I prefer old music (laughs), pop, rock in Spanish is what I prefer. Also, the lyrics from before were beautiful too, they sang to love.

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Ready to tour Peru

I rené my music‘ is the tour that prepares Rene Farrait, where he will take a musical tour of Menudo, Proyecto M and solo songs. “I am rehearsing and preparing this tour for the end of the year. I want to start in Peru, and go to all the cities, I remember a lot when I was in Iquitos, it’s beautiful”.