Four comedians will host evening program on Alofoke FM

The company Alofoke Media Group announces its new radio project through Alofoke FM and the renovation of the space “Without Filter Radio Show” by KQ-94.

During an event that was attended by the national press, Santiago Matías, CEO of Alofoke Media Group, presented and welcomed the radio program “Open Mic”, a proposal that will come through Alofoke FM 99.3 FM, under the conduction of the comedians Orlando Toribio (Pío), Estarlin Ramírez, Elías Serulle and Miguel de la Cruz (The Little Migrant).

The new space will be broadcast starting this Monday, January 10, Monday through Friday, from 5:00 to 7:00 at night.

Pio explained that the production seeks to fill the afternoons of all Dominicans inside and outside the country with humor, during the most difficult times of transit.

While Estarlin Ramirez added that the show will be fully interactive and the public will be part of the joy that will take place on 99.3 FM.

The meeting also served to announce the renovation of the space “Sin Filter Radio Show”, which will debut a modern and own booth in the building that groups Alofoke Media Group.

“The good is not changed, but it is renewed, that is why we have continued to bet on the success they have had together: Robert Sánchez, Amelia Alcántara, Tommy Castillo (La Berny) and Mariachi Buda; adding two new talents ”, it was indicated in a statement.

Thus, Santiago Matías welcomed the communicators José Ángel Morvan and Yelidá Mejía.

“Sin Filter” will continue to air Monday through Friday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on KQ 94.5 FM.