Four decorating trends for 2022

Each year brings its own color and style and 2022 is no exception. Experts are already identifying the trends that will predominate in these 12 months after two years marked by a global crisis as a result of Covid-19.

In the world of decor the trends this year are aligned with the softest, brightest and neutral tones. According to interior decorator and consultant Vanessa Forzoni, in her space (@el_armario_de_vanessa), there will be four decoration trends of interiors that everyone will want to have in their spaces.

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1. The revival of the 70s

According to Vanessa the decor from the 70s is back in fashion in 2022. “A walk through a market may surprise you with some retro piece that gives your home a 70s character with ocher, terracotta and green colors. But also recover old herringbone-shaped parquet floors, for example ”.

2. The new minimalism

Another trend is the new minimalism, this style is ideal for those who prefer little and a lot of order. The minimalist style is once again one of the decoration trends 2022, with spaces where you can breathe serenity with furniture with straight lines and smooth fronts, and where light reigns with light colors and some black accent to gain contrast, an effect that has been widely worn this year. But beware! with a touch that makes it different from the minimalism of the past: the presence of high-quality designer pieces.

3. Eco-friendly materials

This year we opt for organic, recycled, reused materials … We are talking about certified wood, recycled metal and glass, vegetable fibers, marble, stone … If you are going to renew your furniture or the accessories of decor This 2022, it is committed to fibers and natural materials. Not only are they pretty, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

4. Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are still a must on the decor of the spaces. The pandemic led us to spend much more time at home, and the garish colors weren’t good companions in confinement. So we began to desire softer, more luminous tones, and the neutral ones, there, have no competition. This year we continue on the chromatic trail of 2021, so the trend colors will be: white, beige, stone gray or light wood tone.