France aims to ban incest for the first time since 1791

The government of France has raised ban incest for the first time since 1791. Currently, these types of relationships are legal, and are not allowed only when they involve minors. However, the Secretary of State for Children, Adrien Taquet, assured that they should be criminalized, even in those over 18 years of age.

“Whatever the age, you do not have sexual relations with your father, your son or your daughter”, Declared for AFP. “It is not a question of age, nor of consenting adults. We are fighting against incest. The signs must be clear, “he added.

Taquet said that he will ask for a review of the 18-year threshold currently in force in France on the incest. He also revealed that he will support a “clear ban.”

The secretary’s proposal, however, allows the cousins ​​to still marry. In addition, it should be evaluated whether the reconstituted families will be included in this.

The move has been welcomed by Laurent Boyet, president of the child protection charity Les Papillons, who said it was important that incest was ‘legally forbidden’, just as it is already ‘socially forbidden’.

Instead, Isabelle Aubry, president of Face a L’inceste, who supports victims of incest rape, noted that she did not understand why Taquet was only raising this ban, when ministers had the opportunity to do so in full in 2020.

100 days before the presidential elections in France, Aubry accused the government of President Macron of manipulating the matter as “an electoral maneuver”.