France: man arrested with severed head and penis in bag

A man in France appeared before the gendarmes on Friday, January 7 with a head and a penis in a bag. He claimed to have killed another person, according to the Toulon judicial police, who are in charge of the investigation.

“An individual appeared before the Fréjus gendarmerie brigade after having cut off the head and penis of a man,” the source revealed to the AFP agency.

The 38-year-old man reported to the gendarmerie that day in the morning. He described who was the victim and showed the “evidence” he had with him.

“He exhibited a human head, for which he was immediately taken to the police station and placed in provisional detention (…) He carried with him the head and the male genitalia of the victim,” he said.

The man was known to the Police until then only for “small” crimes. However, he was taken into custody and a murder investigation was opened that could extend to the charge of “acts of cruelty and barbarism”.

On Friday night, investigators conducted “Technical evidence at the scene of the alleged crime”, the detainee’s home.

The man will undergo a psychiatric study, said the Draguignan Prosecutor’s Office, adding that the motive for the crime “is still imprecise.” However, in statements for 20 Minutes, he ruled out that it was a terrorist act.

“There is no evidence to establish that it is a question of radicalization. Rather, it would be a dispute between two people who know each other, ”said the prosecutor Patrice Camberou.

With information from AFP