Francisca will be part of “The University of the Street” with Brea Frank

Brea Frank returns to the Dominican Republic radio from this next Monday, January 10, from 5:00 to 7:00 in her radio project “La Universidad de la Calle” (UCA) on the renewed EXA 96.9 FM.

The return to local radio after 4 years of permanence in NY, in this space the multifaceted communicator will exhibit a new stage as a producer, without leaving the style that he established that corresponds to the vanguard of new trends.

At this stage, as part of the team that will accompany you in these 2 hours, will be the Venezuelan communicator Ana Carmen León, Edward Familia, Fabio Alexander Del Rosario de la Rosa “Menthol”. In the same way, the stellar Dominican presenter of the Univisión network, Francisca Lachapel, who will participate remotely from Miami with a very special segment, joins the cast, other talents that will be announced later will be part of the segments that the show will have. radial of Brea Frank.

Edward Familia, is a prominent Dominican announcer and artistic manager, with many years involved in the music and events industry. He started on the radio thanks to Bolívar Valera, who served as a link to work with Ovandy Camilo in his program “El Quita Truño”, from there he went on to work on various radio and TV programs such as “Otra Cosa Radio Show”, “Full with Manny ”, among others. Edward has served as an artistic manager of talents such as Chiquito Team Band, Don Miguelo, and different musical projects.

Ana Carmen León, is a radio and television communicator of Venezuelan origin, but Dominican at heart, who has been flattened for more than 10 years in the media of the Dominican Republic.

He has worked on various projects such as “Spanish speaking here”, “Scarlet Republic”, “Omelette Radio”, among others. In the same way, he has shown his versatility in acting with the interpretation of prominent roles in several Dominican films.

Fabio de la Rosa, popularly known as Menthol, is a connoisseur of urban music and the codes of the UCA, at the same time he will be the mirror of the street on the radio, analyzing and representing thousands of young people who consume all the variables of what is known as urban music. For more than a decade he has worked with the urban artist Pencil Conscious. From “The University of the Street” a new stage of communicator will begin.