Francisca’s son’s curls enchant on social networks

Gennarohe son of Francisca and her husband Franchesco Zampogna, conquered social networks again with their spectacular little curls.

The presenter shared a reel on her Instagram account that includes videos and images of her firstborn enjoying ice cream.

“Look at the first two videos, how cute I melt! Of course I’m the mother. And my favorite photo is the last one. Let’s enjoy life like Gennaro Enjoy your ice cream,” wrote the co-anchor of Despierta América.

The reactions did not wait and the followers left comments such as: “a clone of his father with his mother’s hair”, “Beautiful”, “Just like his mommy”, “He is a doll”, “That greñita nor ma ‘ cool”, “It melts me”.

There was no shortage of comments asking to cut his hair, “very cute but cut his hair”, “I don’t know why leave a child with long hair”, “I want to see him in a low cut…”, among others .

At the end of last year, Francisca He talked about the possibility of cutting his hair, as some people have asked him, and he said that it would be a sin.

“Let him cut it… That’s what many are telling me, for different reasons that are in the comments on the last video I uploaded with him. What do you think here? Don’t you think it would be a sin to cut those cute little curls?” he asked .