From “Buscándote” to “Att: Amor”: the musical story of Greeicy and Mike Bahía

Yes OK Mike bay Y Greeicy Rendon they have shared a sentimental life during the last years, also the talent is a coincidence factor. The singers have created lyrics and rhythms, and have thus captured the support of an audience, which is now applauding the news that they will be parents. Since 2014, with “Looking for you“To the present with”Att: Love”, They have seen video clips, stories and much gratitude.

“As long as there is love, mistakes are over and hearts are right”, is heard in the latest hit, while more than a sigh and a click are submitted to the YouTube screen when the Colombian shows her pregnant belly. Do you want to know what are the musical themes that link both artists? Do not miss this note.

Released in 2014, this catchy song brings together both public figures: Mike Bahía sings and Greeicy stars in the official video. “That’s why I see you radiant, that’s why I’m elegant,” intons the Colombian while the artist dances and receives the author’s dedication. It is worth mentioning that one of the fragments of this song is not only in Mike’s heart, but also in his neck. Yes! One of the most emotional parts was tattooed on that part of the body: “I have to tell you that before you arrived, everything was ready to make you fall in love.”

This song was a hit in 2017 and, although it is not its own story, the role of both was essential for the lyrics to become a hymn for the holidays and to top several playlists. The video, for its part, portrays the deterioration of a relationship and the presence of a person who changes all the rules to unleash a love affair.

Popularized in 2019, this musical theme, unlike the previous one, reveals a love story without deception, which starts from a basic knowledge, friendship. It is, then, a nascent love that grows with the declarations of both: “I have to confess that I like you a little more and I also lose myself only in your gaze,” sings Greeicy.

“As a result of the success that (Greeicy) has had in the world of music, I no longer have it in my house (…) And one night I was alone in the house and it was raining, and I said: ‘ That this is going to push her away? ‘ And I said: ‘well, what would you say to him if he walks away, you’re alone and you’re going to send him a message?’ “, Explained the artist for El Universo and revealed that in this way the song was born.

It is an emotional production, massed in 2020, which highlights the emotion that arises thanks to love at first sight. It is a topic dedicated to her parents, but also to love as a reigning figure, since a photo of her and Mike Bahía also appears.

The singers presented this adaptation to the public during this pandemic year, 2021. The relaunch of a vallenato classic gave a fresh air to the memory of all those who grew up with the voices of the Binomios de Oro.

Also published in 2021, Mike Bahía released this song when he was in Peru and Greeicy was away from him. The video features images of a melancholic artist who travels around town in his car just to remind his girlfriend that she was his best friend one day and that he will do whatever he can to make her fall in love with her every day like that first time.

The voice of Alejandro Sanz joined the talented singer in 2021 and together they launched this musical theme capable of upsetting the fans, since not only the followers of both artists were attentive, but also those of Mike Bahía: he appears as the protagonist in the video clip. On stage, an elegant Mike is shown in charge of taking a guided tour of a museum, while a shy Greeicy imagines what would happen if the attraction that he awakens in her were overturned to reality.

Launched this Thursday, December 23 and with a Christmas theme, both artists use one of the most powerful tools, music, to share with the public the fruit of their love: the news that their first child will arrive in a few months.

This couple has accumulated a musical history that will become a legacy for their loved ones, especially since more than one now remembers Mike’s words during a concert: “I promise you that I will try to be a good dad.”. In the meantime, which of these hits were you most excited about?