From financing 120 operations on Nigerian children to debuting with a double in Qatar: who is Saka?

England opened with a tremendous 6-2 win over Iran in Group B of the World Cup Qatar 2022. Those led by Gareth Southgate They were forceful facing the area and did not forgive. The player of the date was the Arsenal footballer Bukayo Saka, who was unstoppable and scored a double in his first World Cup.

The young and talented player is originally from Nigeria, as his parents emigrated from that country to London. “Bukayo” is a name of Yoruba origin (it has Bukayo as a nickname) which means “Adds to happiness”. saka He lived more than 8 kilometers from Wembley in a small house in Greenford, on the outskirts of the capital of England. From a very young age, his taste for the ball was innate.

The crack of Arsenal He had to decide whether to defend the Nigerian or England team, a fact that was very difficult for the player. “Choosing Nigeria over England would have been a difficult decision. My family has lived in England for a long time, It would have been strange for me to adapt to an environment that I was never in growing up. All my documents say that I am English, I hope the Nigerian people understand that,” he said.

In October 2021, Bukayo Saka He made his official debut with the England team in a 3-0 win against Wales. His explosion came at Euro 2020, where he was voted man of the match in the 1-0 win over Czech Republic.

Despite having chosen to play for England, saka he does not forget his Nigerian roots. In mid-October 2022, it was revealed that the Gunners star financed the operation of 120 Nigerian children and gave them signed shirts with their name. Surgeries ranged from inguinal hernias to brain tumors. “I feel blessed to be in a position where I can contribute to making these kids’ lives easier and better through these surgeries. I feel very connected to Nigeria.”