From HD to 8K: Know all the screen resolutions that are on TVs

With the appearance of multiple streaming movie and series platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, HBO or Disney+, many users seek to acquire smart TVs with the best screen resolution. Therefore, it is necessary to know all the panel resolution standards such as HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K and 8K, and the features they offer us. In the following paragraphs we detail it.

Modern televisions have several types of screen resolutions. The aforementioned characteristic refers to the number of pixels that a panel is capable of offering. It is made up of vertical and horizontal lines that a screen can display.

What are the most common screen resolutions on the market?

Choosing a television is much more than knowing how big it is. These devices They have a fundamental characteristic such as screen resolution. Next, we detail all the existing formats.

High Definition (HD)

HD is the one that responds to a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It is well established in the market, it offers satisfactory results, but today we no longer find it frequently in modern televisions.

Full HD

It is the high definition resolution of a screen that has 1920 horizontal pixels by 1080 vertical pixels. Although it has been present in televisions for years, today it is also very common in mobile phones.


This type of resolution is also known as 2K and that it is capable of displaying 2560 x 1440 pixels. Although it is hardly used in modern televisions, it is present in many smartphones high end. There is also the plus version of QHD which is used to describe a resolution of 2960x1440p. It is not the same as 4K.

4K resolution

This resolution is somewhat higher than that of a screen UltraHD, since it has 4096 horizontal and 2160 vertical pixels. However, this would not adapt to the 16:9 format of televisions. Therefore, to adapt the 4K format to a smart TV, a standard of 3840 x 2160 pixels is used.

8K resolution

8K It is the ultra definition screen resolution that has 7680 horizontal and 4320 vertical pixels. It offers a high degree of immersion. There are still few smart TVs that integrate it because there is still not much content in that format.