From “La Rosa de Guadalupe” to OnlyFans! Who is the actress who has become famous on this platform?

Women now invoice. Unfortunately, not all actresses who have participation in well-known productions such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe” achieve achieve visibility in the middleso they often turn to influencer jobs on Instagram to keep working.

This case is not very different, since not having managed to get more acting projects, the actress was encouraged to open her account in OnlyFans to upload her restricted content on social networks, achieving fame. Who is it about? We tell you who she is and how she was encouraged to make this decision, here.

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Who is the actress who has an OnlyFans account?

His name is Ashley Islandsis an actress and model who works for Televisa, but has taken advantage of her image to create content for the adult platform and continue generating profits, so as not to be limited to waiting for a role.

He has more than 38 thousand followers on his account instagramwhere she shares photos wearing lingerie and a bikini, while saving the risqué videos for the platform that has helped her become a more famous figure in Mexico.

“I am working on me, for me. I want to rebuild myself because I have understood that I will be my only company until the end of my days, “he wrote in one of his publications, where he shows that he does not lose hope of continuing to pursue his goals until he achieves them.

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How was Ashley Islas encouraged to create an account on OnlyFans?

The mexican press has detailed that the decision to venture into the adult content platform came when the actress began to be rejected in the castings she attended, for which she was left without work during periods.

Despite the fact that she receives thousands of comments in support of her work, there are also people who criticize her for what she does, but the artist assures that she is not bothered by what she does because she does not expose her privacy too much.

“Only topless, I show something much more daring than on Instagram or Facebook, where it is already very limited and there are many restrictions,” explained the Mexican when asked what kind of content she does on her Twitter account. onlyfans.

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How much does Ashley Islas charge for her content on OnlyFans?

So far, the Televisa actress He only has 43 posts on his mature content account, but he already has more than 700 followers who have supported his content with a like.

In order to access and view the images you share, you must make a payment of $15 per month as a subscription, which will give you the freedom to see it as many times as you want, without being able to share it by other means. It does not have payment promotions.

This is Ashley Islas’ account on the adult platform. Source: OnlyFans.