From San Francisco de Macorís to Harvard

“My life in the Dominican Republic was extraordinarily unique. I remember living simple, slower-paced days that allowed me to fully enjoy them with my beautiful family and my friends from the neighborhood. I was always surrounded by lots of love and joy alongside genuine and hard-working people. , qualities that characterize the Dominican”. so remember Louis Paulino Nova his childhood and adolescence in San Francisco de Macoriscity from which he is a native in the Dominican Republic.

Although he was happy with what he had at that time, he always dreamed of representing the country where he was born outside his country. That led him to emigrate to the United States, something that he, as he told Free Journal In general, “it goes hand in hand with hard moments, with a lot of frustration and sadness due to the fact that you have to start from scratch and adapt to a new country,” he said.

“I personally had language barriers, financial difficulties, challenges of the stigma of being Latino that led to bullying particularly at school. There was a time when I just didn’t feel comfortable in the United States and just wanted to take the first flight back to the Dominican Republic,” he continued.

However, this instead of limiting him gave him more strength to continue pursuing his goals.

“I graduated in the top five from the City University of New York (CUNY) City College, with a BA in Political Science and Drama, receiving a standing ovation from former First Lady Michelle Obama during the commencement ceremony.” “Now -he continues- I am on the way to achieve my master’s degree in Harvard University, considered the best and most prestigious university in the world”, he pointed out.

However, he has once again seen a stone in his way towards this goal of continuing to represent working Dominicans.

Harvard It is a fairly expensive university and I need the help of my Dominican people to raise funds to help me in my Jordan and complement my room and board, and immediate tuition payments, ”he told this medium.

“And as expected, such a prestigious university came with a hefty fee. Despite winning a half scholarship for being an all-star student, I still have to pay the other half of my tuition at Harvard, including my accommodation. To pay for my tuition and stay so far, I was forced to take out two student loans,” he detailed.

To achieve this, he launched a campaign in GoFundMe, named Help Luis Complete Graduate School with which he seeks to obtain more than 31 thousand dollars, and thus continue on the path towards his goals.

“I want to invite the Dominican people and all the people who want to support me to finance my education and help me apply all possible tools in Harvard to make possible this achievement that will not only be mine, it will also be an example of improvement for the entire Latin and Dominican society:“, he assured. You can also write to his academic email [email protected].

How did you get to a university like Harvard?

“Attend University of Harvard it is a dream shared by thousands of students around the world—I was no exception because I always had that dream. But, just like you said, Harvard it is a strict university in selecting its students and the admission process is notoriously competitive and difficult. However, I am an example that hard work pays off and that anything is possible and can be achieved with dedication,” she said.

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“More than having extraordinary degrees, Harvard look for unique qualities in a student such as intellectual curiosity, exceptional communication skills, community involvement, and leadership in any area in our society. For the past several years, I have vigorously dedicated myself to working with immigrants in New York City and helping Dominican-Americans reach their full potential, an area that I am very passionate about. I am very happy that Harvard He saw my potential, dedication, and love for public service.”

“I have found inspiration in a variety of things, experiences and people throughout my existence. However, my parents have been my biggest inspiration in life. They always supported and motivated me to achieve my goals,” he said.

“My parents have walked with me shoulder to shoulder through thick and thin. They taught me to see dreams and encouraged me to fulfill them through effort. They always told me that nothing comes into our hands without working hard,” he explained. “So, I work hard to give them back what they’ve done for me and make them happy with my success.”

He seeks to inspire his compatriots. “I dream that more people from my country, the Dominican Republic, can aspire to dream big like my parents taught me to do. I understand that achieving my goals and continuing with the determination to carry the name of my country high is the only way to encourage motivation in Dominicans to prepare themselves academically and thus make positive changes in our lives, in our country, and in this world,” he said.

“Whatever your dream, write your own story with passion, determination and always acting up to Pico Duarte. As cliché as it sounds, do not be afraid of failure because failure is a necessary component of success. Trust your skills and you’ll see that the triumphs will find their way to you,” he said.