From the hop-on hop-off: a panoramic view of Seville

‘Where do you want to go?’ Alexis, my youngest son, asks me when touring Seville with him and Pamela, his niece, (my granddaughter), I say that I am tired of walking. ‘I fancy a panoramic view, on a hop-on hop-off bus.’ A map of the bus shows the route with the main points of attraction. This is how we identify them on one side or the other of the street. As the vehicle travels through the Walk of Delightsthrough the window I admire the imposing San Telmo Palace, of Churrigueresque baroque architecture. It houses the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía. En route to the Triana neighborhood, ‘cradle of bullfighters and artists’, we turn left to cross the San Telmo bridge over the Guadalquivir river. We pass through Virgen del Valle street. In the Plaza de Cuba a couple of tourists get off. When I see the Rufino Confectionery to one side, the desire to eat sweets opens up in me, but… After a short while, the Saint Hyacinth Church (rebuilt in the 18th century).

The bus continues its journey when, when taking a curve, my granddaughter warns: ‘Look. The Lipstick!’ It is the striking Seville Tower. Because of its shape and shades, the people call it Pintalabios. Such a striking building is the ‘tallest in Andalusia’: 180.5 meters. “With its façade of horizontal and vertical sheets, the Tower will always be seen as a thin, vertical and very lively landmark,” says its author, the Argentine architect César Pelli. In its surroundings, the wide Magellan Park. After entering Carlos III avenue, a circular white building catches my attention. After this, in the visual panorama, the Torre Sevilla stands out. is the Triana Tower, whose architect, the Spanish Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, born in Navarre, was inspired by the Castel Sant’ Angelo in the city of Rome. (This tower belongs to the Junta de Andalucía).

Without much detail, I can take a look from my seat at some of the pavilions that, built for the Universal Exposition in Seville in 1992, are being used as the headquarters of important centers: Navigation Pavilion (it has a panoramic view of Seville from 50 meters high); he Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands; Pavilion of the Future in the Technological Park… Turning onto Avenida Europa we arrive at another bus stop: Isla Mágica. (Alexis Ramos Brusíloff and Pamela Ramos García took the photos for this article in LISTÍN DIARIO).

Magic Island

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