From the last seat: “Candela” (second part and final)

There is teamwork. Discipline is breathed before a young, talented director with a desire to do things differently.

Divided into three parts and despite a brief beginning (I only highlight the characterization of Sara Jorge and the underworld of a seedy cabaret), Farías manages to make the viewer cling to his armchair viewing images that work like a puzzle.

Here the script puts everything in its place: Jump literary obstacles to recreate a tough, unforgettable and very Dominican story through a cast that knows how to give it their all.

Since Félix Germán comes on stage, the film rises, knows how to navigate the abysses of confrontation between social classes and demonstrates the cultural gap between rich and poor: Some seek how to survive and others buy silences and consciences. Rich and poor commune at the table of loneliness and carry defects and lack of courage to assume the present that marks them.

I like the color of this film, its finished frames, the almost perfect soundtrack. However, the biggest applause must go to the camera and the production design. Reproducing the aesthetic framework of the staging from different angles is a task that Farías is successful at.

The editing room did the rest. It was cleaned here and there. Inappropriate moments were taken out of the film and the cinematography looked like an arrow straight out of the bow at the target.

“Candela” as a movie will remain. Its open ending leads to repeating the history of the unexplored.

Data sheet
Original title: Candela. Year: 2021. Genre: Drama. Country: Dominican Republic. Direction: Andrés Farías Cintrón. Screenplay: Rey Andújar, Laura Conyedo, Andrés Farías (Based on the novel by Rey Andújar). Cast: Cesar Domínguez, Richarson Díaz, Ruth Emeterio, Cindy Galán, Félix Germán, Sarah Jorge León, Gerardo Mercedes. Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes. Synopsis: The lifeless body of a young man is found falling from a building. A police investigator discovers the truth but cannot tell it. The lover of the deceased young man, is intimate and discovers hidden secrets.