From the last seat: “El Caballo”

I have not yet seen this recent film by Lilo Vilaplana. But the name of its director gave me back my hope in that type of non-official cinema that Cubans know how to do very well.

Lilo Vilaplana makes low-budget cinema, but cinema. Symbolist and devastating in his denunciations, he knows how to put a double meaning stamp on the Havana tragedy. He is also a very good scriptwriter, photographer and knows how to direct his actors.

His first films made an epoch on YouTube. Now he is looking for a well-deserved space within the audiovisual market with products aimed at an audience that likes humor and double meaning in the drama of his homeland.

Weeks ago, “El Caballo” premiered in Miami. In his own words, it is a film focused on the national battle for food in the midst of a policy of scarcity and the theft and slaughter of cattle, a legal figure punishable on the island with up to 10 years in prison.

In an interview with the EFE agency, Vilaplana, from his exile in Miami, says: “We used a drone to film in Cuba without entering the island, and that“ indiscreet drone ”was able to capture current images.

The director also used various collaborators and advisers based in Havana. Based on a story by the writer and his compatriot Marcos Miranda, the low-budget film. was filmed in five days in locations in South Florida where the typical Cuban hut was built: “We did it to contemporary real history, to denounce how Cubans live outside the law and how they force them to traffic, to rob the state”.

The film will be available on Amazom. “El Caballo”, with original music by Cuban singer-songwriter Boris Larramendi, “was shot last May in the middle of the pandemic without anyone getting sick.”

On the future of cinema, Vilaplana is already preparing his next work, “Plantadas”, on the female political prison, “to pay tribute to those Cuban women.”

Data sheet
Country: Cuba. Year: 2021. Duration: 76 minutes. Director: Lilo Vilaplana. Script: Marcos Miranda and Lilo Vilaplana. Cast: Ariel Texido, Alina Robert, Adrián Más, Boncó Quiñongo, Grettel Trujillo and Fabián Brando. Synopsis: A Cuban couple finds a means of subsistence in smuggling.