Gabi Desangles resigns from the radio program “Women on the Edge”

After the controversy arisen in social networks by the decision of the communicators Barbara Plaza and Gabi Desangles of not participating in the interview that was carried out on the radio program Women on the edge to Agustin Laje, and after being singled out as unprofessional Due to the controversial Argentine political scientist, Desangles decided to renounce the Grupo Medrano space, which is broadcast on the Estrella 90 radio station.

Through a letter sent to the directors of the station, Gabi explained that his resignation is motivated by the comments of Mr. Roberto Rodríguez, who serves as director of the medium and hinted through his social networks that Desangles has no preparation.

The also television presenter and actress pointed out in the document that her position, of not participating in the interview, has unleashed a series of malicious comments towards her, generating morbidity and controversies that have given way to sensationalism.

“As of today, I have decided to end my relationship with the Medrano Group, always thanking the opportunity provided,” reads the model’s document, which remained on the radio for almost four years.

Desangles specified that she decided not to participate in Laje’s interview, because according to her “it was done improvised, it was not announced that this gentleman was coming; furthermore, he did not commune with his thought or with his form. I didn’t want to have a pointless debate. “