Gabriela Serpa: how old is the actress and how many years apart is Alfredo Benavides?

Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides have been starring in a supposed romance. This idea began to grow after some samples of closeness in the middle of the recordings of the program “JB on ATVs“In this line, what generates curiosity for many is the notorious age difference between the two. For this reason, in this note we tell you how long each one has to live and some more details about this ‘couple’ that has been a sensation in the public and the humorous space of Jorge Benavides.

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Are Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides more than friends?

comic actors Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides are the stars of rumors that they would have a bond beyond friendship. This, after some hints between the two were noticed in the sketches of the Jorge Benavides program. This was not alien to Magaly Medina, who claimed to notice a certain chemistry on the part of the two.

“It seems that she has him captivated. As you have seen, there is a certain chemistry between the two that crosses the screens. She says that he is the love of her life, but we do not know if she is joking; he also says that she is his girl” , commented the ‘Magpie’.


Alfredo Benavides affirms that he likes Gabriela Serpa

Last April 3, Alfredo Benavides and Gabriela Serpa were on the program Magaly Medina to talk about the rumors of their ‘relationship’. In said television space, Jorge Benavides’s brother surprised by revealing that he does like his partner. In addition, he stated that at the moment he does not want a relationship, because he likes to go out and enjoy being single.

“Yes, of course I like it, how could I not like it, not even that I was crazy. Madam, what happens is that I think I am polyamorous (…). I am going to tell you the truth, in a relationship of two, the third parties there are plenty of them,” said the comedian.

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How many years apart are Gabriela Serpa and Alfredo Benavides?

It is known that Gabriela Serpa he was born on December 26, 1992, making him currently 30 years old. On the other hand, according to various media, Alfredo Benavides He would be 56 years old, but the comedian himself made a clarification on the Magaly program. “I am 51 years old, I am the youngest of the first artists,” he said. Taking this into account, the difference between the ages of both is 25 years.

Although the “flirts” in the different sketches of “JB en ATV” are fun for the public, both took it upon themselves to rule out that they are in a sentimental relationship, but they assure that they are good friends, since they have known each other since they worked on the program ” Welcome afternoon.”

Gabriela Serpa is a comic actress and dancer. Photo: composition LR/ Instagram/Gabriela serpa/Alfredo Benavides.