Gaby Spanic and her twin sister reappear together after years of feud

For years they stayed apart, however, those times are behind us and today they are as close as they always should be.

Gaby spanic and her twin sister, Daniela spanic They met last Friday at the house of the Venezuelan actress to celebrate together another year of life in the company of their loved ones.

According to People in Spanish, although the initial idea of ​​the unforgettable protagonist of successful soap operas such as La usurpadora and Tierra de pasiones was to organize a great party to celebrate her birthdays in style, finally her professional and personal commitments ended up preventing her.

“As you could see, it is a very small coexistence, I did not have time to have a big party […]”Gaby explained through a live broadcast that she carried out through social networks to thank all the attention that both her fans and her co-workers had with her on the occasion of this special day in her life.

“I’ve been from timbo to tambo. My son underwent surgery last week for acute appendicitis, then I had to go to record the musical La usurpadora, I’m coming back, so I wanted to have a huge birthday party with everyone, [pero] it was not possible ”, he lamented.